Raccoons enter Columbus OH attics in winter before the coldest months between December and March. Once in your attic, a raccoon, which doesn’t hibernate during the winter, stays protected from the elements. And during that long winter, Mr. or Mrs. Raccoon absolutely will exact significant damage which will drain your valuable savings.

Fortunately, if you read this blog post, you can obtain valuable information about why raccoons enter Columbus OH attics in winter and how to prevent this from happening to you.

But we believe it is in your best interest to call our Columbus Raccoon Removal experts now at (844) 544-9453 or (844) 544-7378 as an added guarantee that protects your attic from a raccoon calamity.

raccoons enter columbus oh attics in winter and must be trapped out before they do more damage.

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Raccoons Enter Columbus Oh Attics In Winter Due To Access

One of the first questions we hear when we get calls at Columbus Raccoon Removal is, “How did a raccoon get access to my attic?” The answer is quite simple. There were weaknesses outside of your home that a raccoon took advantage of, which enabled it to enter your attic.

Raccoons are able climbers due to their paws sharp claws. Once on your roof, either by reaching eat from a tree or climbing the side of your house, they can get access to your attic by weaknesses in eaves, soffit, fascia, vents, and roof shingles. It is in your best interest to take some time soon and look around your home and try to think like a desperate raccoon wanting protection from the cold.

Raccoons enter Columbus OH Attics In Winter because homeowners fail to observe weaknesses outside their home due to a lack of knowledge. As a homeowner, you need to protect your most valuable asset from raccoon invasions. You are protecting your home from a raccoon ruining your winter when you hire our Columbus Raccoon Removal experts to assess your home’s vulnerability to an unwanted raccoon attic guest.

A raccoon got into the attic through this gable vent.

Hard to believe, but a  raccoon managed to tear open this gable vent while hanging from the roof. Once the opening was large enough the raccoon was able to squeeze through the opening.

A raccoon entered the attic via a torn out metal plate under an eave.

A raccoon tore out the metal plate under this eave then chewed an opening through some rotted wood behind the metal. The space allowed the raccoon access to the attic.

Raccoons Enter Columbus Oh Attics In Winter When In Homeowners Yards

So once raccoons enter Columbus OH attics in winter, what kind of damage can homeowners expect? Plenty! Raccoons must defecate and urinate, and unfortunately, raccoons don’t make small poops and minor drops of urine. Any place in your attic is a raccoon toilet, but raccoons love pooping and peeing in attic insulation. And if the amount of poop and pee is significant, which usually it is, that means attic insulation removal and replacement.

If you have a significant amount of raccoon poop and pee, in all likelihood, not only will the poop and insulation need removal, the attic will need sanitizing and deodorizing as well. The sanitizing and deodorizing process can be intensive, time-consuming, and costly. During this process, workers must use expensive hazmat suits and isolate the area from the rest of the home. Fortunately, we can keep everyone safe while sanitizing/deodorizing, and you can remain in your home.

So, once Raccoons Enter Columbus OH Attics In Winter, you can see what you could face if you ignore damaged areas outside your home that make your attic vulnerable to raccoons entering.

A raccoon tore apart these vents in a Columbus Ohio attic

Once raccoons get into an attic anything can be its plaything. In this instance, a raccoon tore apart the vents running through the attic and ripped apart insulation to use for a nest.

A raccoon pooped and urinated throughout this attic.

Raccoon poop and urine littered this Columbus, Ohio attic. A major cleanup was necessary, which entailed poop removal, insulation removal, sanitizing, deodorizing, and insulation replacement.

Raccoons Enter Columbus OH Attics In Winter When Homeowners Make Food Avaialble

Our last message to you is to make sure to keep all your food garbage locked down so there are no feeding incentives for raccoons to be in your yard. If a raccoon knows there is ready food available around your home, and your home has weaknesses that allow a raccoon to enter your attic, well, you’re just asking for trouble. And don’t forget about pet food that you put out for your dog or cat – always take it in at night! Raccoons especially love cat food that hints of fish. Forewarned is well warned!

Be Proactive Don’t Let Raccoons Enter Columbus OH Attics In Winter – Call Columbus Raccoon Removal, A Division of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, At (844) 544-9453 or (844) 544-7378 To Examine Your Home For Raccoon Entrance Vulnerabilities.