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We concentrate on fast, successful raccoon removal services in Columbus, Ohio. We also provide essential wildlife-related services, including trapping, exclusion and prevention, animal damage repairs, attic and crawl space restoration, and insect pest control. Please Give Us A Call Today AT (844) 544-9453 If You Want Our Raccoon Trapping Columbus Ohio advice.

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We are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Our Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio team carries commercial liability insurance and any required licenses.

Humane Columbus Ohio Raccoon Removal Practices

If an raccoon is inside your building, we use guaranteed eviction/exclusion strategies, such as live traps and/or hands-on removal then seal and repair all raccoon entrances.

Honesty & Reliable Raccoon Trapping Columbus Ohio Services

We NEVER use unethical practices and will solve all raccoon-human conflicts with permanent solutions. See reviews from customers here since we are a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Division.

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Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio Services

We believe we are the most qualified Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio service in operation and a proud division of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. Our years of combined experience give us precious insight that no company will provide. We will safely trap all raccoons in your business, home, attic, and property within a reasonable time and at an affordable price. Once we trap all raccoons from your building, we can provide you with damage repair that will prevent unwelcome future raccoon break-ins. Let our crew of Columbus Ohio raccoon removal experts take control of your home.

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Our Columbus raccoon removal service will begin with inspecting your building inside and out. After that, we’ll establish the appropriate place for our humane live traps. We use only the latest scientifically based trap designs that produce the highest effectiveness and negligible harm to the raccoon. Once we catch the raccoons, we safely transport them away from the property so they cannot return to the area. After trapping and removal, we can survey for damage done to your property by the raccoons.

Our Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio service may consist of several tasks beyond exclusion. A typical job usually involves some combination of home or attic clean-up, sanitation, damage repair, and often preventative services. Raccoons can get into your house using structural weak points around your roof, soffits, fascia, vents, foundation, windows, siding, and more. Of course, this makes your home even more susceptible to invaders from the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to treat a raccoon invasion with a degree of urgency. Our team will leave your property looking beautiful and guarded against potential predators. Call (844) 544-9453 now to get started with our Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio service!

Raccoons In Your Columbus Ohio Attic? That’s Not Surprising Since Raccoons Love Taking Up Residence In Columbus Ohio Attics!

Photo on the Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio page: a raccoon hding in an attic

This mama raccoon was hiding from us and protecting her family of kits. A protective mother raccoon will bite, so hire a professional raccoon removal Columbus Ohio company like Columbus Raccoon Removal, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions division.

Photo on the Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio page: damage caused by a raccoon living in an attic

Once a raccoon enters an attic, all forms of damage can occur. A raccoon will tear up insulation and use it for nesting purposes. Raccoons tear apart HVAC ducts, chew, and rip out the wiring.

Photo on the Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio page: A raccoon trapped in an attic

We finally caught mama and her kits as well. She wasn’t happy until we returned her kits to her and found a place to relocate mama and her babies.

Has A Raccoon Entered Your Chimney? This Columbus Ohio Homeowner Called The Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio Team To Take Care Of the Problem. And of Course, We Did!

Call The Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio Pros Today At (844) 544-9453 or (844) 544-7378. You Can Text Us At  (419) 982-5502.

“Raccoon Family In My Attic! Can You Please Help Us Take Our Attic Back? 

Once a raccoon has invaded and damaged your Columbus Ohio attic it is important that you consider some type of cleanup. When a raccoon enters your attic it contaminates large areas with its urine and feces and this requires cleaning. The cleaning process involves removing all contaminated insulation, cleaning up all feces, treating the space with a deodorizing sanitizing agent, and replacing the soiled insulation with new blown-in material.

“You Need Our Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio Help Now!

It is critical to remove all contamination caused by a raccoon invasion and deodorize the odor. Removing raccoon urine and feces and decontaminating the area eliminates health hazards like raccoon roundworm, and deodorizing prevents re-infestation.   If your attic needs restoration due to a raccoon infestation, call a raccoon removal Columbus Ohio expert for an inspection and evaluation at (844) 544-9453.

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