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Throughout the year, it’s essential you stay alert regarding overrunning pests and insects. In addition to the destruction, insect pests produce in your home, they can create wellness risks due to contamination and distributing disease. Even if insects don’t overrun areas within your home, many insects like carpenter ants will eat and tear through the structure of your house. Ants and beetles will eat through wood, moths destroy clothing, and mosquitoes pass on diseases! Furthermore, several types of insects like cluster flies breed in great numbers. Our expert pest control experts service is on call year-round and can tackle any problem big or small.

Our pest extermination team offers different insect pest management plans. We produce long-term insect control results for homeowners living in the Columbus, Ohio region. We offer solutions that include the most advanced, most environmentally beneficial practices and procedures. Our insect pest control services cover insects like ants, fleas, spiders, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, cluster flies, carpenter bees, and more. So are you ready to get started? Contact Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today at (844) 544-9453.

Stay Away From Yellow Jackets. They are very aggressive and produce a mighty sting.

Our Columbus Raccoon Removal insect pest control team deals with all manner of hornet and bee nests.
Our Columbus Raccoon Removal insect pest control team deals with all manner of centipedes and millipedes.
Our Columbus Raccoon Removal insect pest control team eradicates cockroaches.
Scared of spiders?  Our Columbus Raccoon Removal insect pest control team will remove your spider fears.
You need our Columbus Raccoon Removal insect pest control team to address your carpenter ant problems.
Columbus Raccoon Removal insect pest control team will eliminate your flea problems in a jiffy.

Ohios Major Pest Control Issues And Their Solutions

A History Of Creative Effective Soutions

Many insect species reproduce rapidly and in vast numbers, posing a unique homeowner problem. Often, they go beyond nuisance into hazardous territory– chewing through wood, nesting inside walls, and even contaminating food. Unfortunately, there is no over-the-counter solution for most pest problems. Certain pesticides can be effective given the right conditions but, more often than not, a customized pest control solution is the superior option.

Our staff handles all pest species native to Ohio, including ants, spiders, stinging insects, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, and more. We are fully licensed to perform pest control services in Ohio. Our decades of combined education and experience make us supremely qualified to handle your pest control job. Our office is open and ready for your call. You can reach us any time of the day at (844) 544-9453.

If insect pests overrun your home, we suggest these four essential steps which will help remove your insect problems.

STEP 1) Firstly, you should call a professional pest control service, such as Buckeye Pest Solutions. Because of the potential for pest situations to worsen over time, there is simply no substitute for our expertise.

STEP 2) Go around the house and make sure there are no gaping holes, cracked windows, or open doors without screens since these make for easy access.

STEP 3) Next, look around your kitchen or pantry and see if there are open food containers, bags with holes in them, or leaking bottles. Above all, a clean storage area will do wonders for keeping pests out of your food!

STEP 4) When your pest control specialist arrives, hopefully, ours, make a list and follow any advice they may give you.

The Horrible Cost Of A Carpenter Ant Infestation

You’ll Regret The Cost Of Ignoring Them

Carpenter ants don’t eat the wood they dig through. They dig in the wood so they can lay their eggs. In the digging process, they create sawdust known as “frass.” Carpenter ants kick the frass out of holes which piles on floors and walls. If you see this material the alarm bells should go off and a professional needs to be called to stop a disaster from happening.

Sadly, there are times when one cannot see the sawdust and that’s when you could end up having serious problems. Carpenter ants love softwood and moist rotting wood but they also chew into wood free of decay. Believe it or not, and you best believe it, carpenter ants can weaken support beams and cause warping in wood.

So, do you think your home has a carpenter ant problem? Our pest control team has a swift and efficient way you can solve the problem. At Columbus Raccoon Removal insect pest control, we provide comprehensive services for any carpenter ant infestation. How would you like to prevent carpenter ant difficulties before they infest your home? We provide year-round treatments designed to eradicate carpenter ants on your premises before they can damage your house.

 We Have One Happy Customer After Another

“We discovered we had an animal in our attic late on a Saturday afternoon. I found Buckeye Wildlife online and sent a text to the provided number. The response was immediate. They were there on Monday, racoon removed by Tuesday morning. They provided full service from pest removal, removal of contaminated insulation, cleanup, disinfecting the area, replacing insulation, and closing the entry point to keep the evil critters out!! I met 4 different employees in the process and each was professional and easy to work with. The main person on our case was Jake. That guy was AMAZING. Hard worker, great person, above and beyond!!! I have already recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.”

“Removal went great Chad visited my house within 40 minutes of me calling on Saturday evening. he was able to set a trap and catch the Mom and comeback a day later and pick up 5 babies(raccoons). He also suggested solutions to cap my chimney to reduce the chance of this happening again. Chad was very professional and punctual. He explained everything that was going to happen and completed the task without issues. would recommend these folks again if needed.”

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