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Hillard Raccoon Removal specializes in quick, effective raccoon removal services in Hillard, Ohio, and nearby areas. We also resolve all wildlife-related services, including trapping, exclusion and prevention, animal damage repairs, attic and crawl space restoration, and insect pest control. Give Us A Call AT (844) 544-9453 If You Want Our Help Or Advice.

Licensed & Insured

We are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions carries commercial liability insurance and any required licenses.

Humane Practices

If an animal is inside your structure, we use guaranteed eviction/exclusion strategies, such as one-way doors and/or hands-on removal. We also make every attempt to reunite animal families and then release them outside your structure.

Honesty & Reliable

We NEVER use unethical practices and will solve conflicts for the long-term. You can ask for references from previous customers, and we have numerous references online at Angie’s List.

Proven Success In Hillard, Ohio

Hillard Raccoon Removal Services

We are the single most qualified Hillard raccoon removal service in operation. Our decades of combined experience give us valuable insight that no company comes close to matching. We will remove all raccoons from your home, attic, and property safely and on time. Afterward, we offer a full range of services to repair damage and prevent unwanted raccoon activity in the future. Look no further than our team of Hillard raccoon removal experts to get your home life back on track!

Hillard Residents and Businesses, If You Need Our Services, Call Us Now AT (844) 544-9453

Our Hillard raccoon removal service will begin with a full survey of your property. Next, we’ll determine the proper location to set our traps. We use only the latest trap designs for maximum effectiveness and minimal harm to the animals. Once the raccoons are caught, we safely transport them away from the property so that they cannot return to the area. After this, we can survey for damage done to your property by the raccoons.
Hillard raccoon removal may consist of several tasks beyond exclusion. A typical job usually involves some combination of home or attic clean-up, sanitation, damage repair, and often preventative services. Raccoons can get into your house using structural weak points around your roof, soffits, fascia, vents, foundation, windows, siding, and more. Of course, this makes your home even more susceptible to invaders from the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to treat a raccoon invasion with a degree of urgency. Our team will leave your property looking beautiful and guarded against potential predators. Call (844) 544-9453 now to get started with our Hillard raccoon removal service!

All Wildlife Control Operator Services Provided For Hillard, Ohio

Hillard Raccoon Removal and Wildlife Control


Our staff performs wildlife removal services for all species in the state of Ohio. Columbus Raccoon Removal is Columbus’s most qualified, highly trained wildlife removal and exclusion service in operation.
Hillard Raccoon Removal and Exclusion and Prevention


Before we exclude wildlife, we must determine how they gained access to your structures. We perform an inspection to identify how critters are getting in and out. From there, we secure the entry points to keep wildlife out.
Hillard Raccoon Removal and Animal Damage Repairs


On top of raccoon, wildlife, and pest removal services, our company offers complete animal damage repair service. No matter the extent or origin, we can fix walls, vents, roofing, wiring, ductwork, and more.

Hillard Raccoon Removal and Attic Restoration


Beyond animal damage repair, we also perform full home and attic restorations. Often, when raccoons make their way into your attic, they leave an unfathomable mess. We restore your attic to its former, pristine state.

Hillard Raccoon Removal and Crawl Space Restoration

Hillard Crawl Space Restoration

Similar to attic restoration, we can fully restore your affected crawl space to its original, animal-free standing. This includes services such as vapor barrier installation, removing standing water, and more.

Hillard Raccoon Removal and Pest Control

Hillard Pest Control

In addition to raccoons and other wildlife, our company handles all manners of pest control for insects, rodents, and more. All staff members are trained and licensed to perform pest control for pest species in the state of Ohio.

Has Wildlife Damaged Your Attic With Feces, Urine, and Soiled Insulation?

You Want The Attic Pros At Hillard Raccoon Removal 

“Wildlife In My Attic, Help!”

No matter what type of wildlife species has invaded your Hillard attic, whether it be raccoons, bats, or squirrels, it is important that you consider some type of cleanup. When your attic is infested with wildlife they generally contaminate large areas that require cleaning. The cleaning process involves removing all contaminated insulation, cleaning up all feces, treating the space with a deodorizing sanitizing agent, and replacing the insulation with new blown-in material.

“You Need Our Help Now!

It is critical to remove the source of contamination as well as remove the source of the odor. Removing the contamination eliminates the health hazards and removing the odor is important in preventing re-infestation.  An attic left dirty can become a breeding area for wildlife diseases such as raccoon roundworm and bat histoplasmosis. If your attic is in need of restoration, call Columbus Raccoon Removal for a Hillard inspection and evaluation at (844) 544-9453.

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