An electronic raccoon repellent intends to scare off raccoons using loud noises at a frequency that raccoons can hear without bothering humans. In contrast with more traditional means of raccoon removal, an electronic raccoon repellent would seem like a significant improvement. At first glance, they appear to be convenient, simple, and low maintenance. Beyond this, they don’t threaten to interrupt people’s everyday lives.

Will an Electronic Raccoon Repellent Work For Me?

Unfortunately, there are significant downsides regarding the effectiveness of audio-based raccoon deterrents. Simply put, there is no substitute for a proper raccoon removal service. A trained team of experts, such as the one at Columbus Raccoon Removal, can remove raccoons from your property while performing full cleanup and restoration service as well as introduce preventative measures. For expert raccoon removal service today, call our Columbus office at (844) 544-9453!

While it may be true that an electronic raccoon repellent is less of a bother than other raccoon removal methods, the effectiveness of these devices is underwhelming and inconsistent. In reality, the noise is rarely sufficient over a large enough area to keep raccoons completely off of your property. While raccoons will likely avoid coming within several yards of any single electronic raccoon repellent, they will have no issue dodging the problem area and finding a new path to your house. Basically, you’d need to create a “minefield” of several dozen repellents operating constantly in strategic locations to have a significant enough effect to prevent all raccoon activity.

An Electronic Raccoon Repellent Is Intended to Keep Raccoons Like This Away From Your Property.

An Electronic Raccoon Repellent Is Intended to Keep Raccoons Like This Away From Your Property.

When Is It Proper to Use an Electronic Raccoon Repellent?

In the event that you have a specific area you want to cover (under a porch, in a shed, etc.), an electronic raccoon repellent may be a decent choice for you. However, if you have raccoons on your property already, or you have too much space for a deterrent to cover (anything larger than an apartment), you need a professional service along the lines of Columbus Raccoon Removal.

Our team is trained to handle even the most difficult raccoon removal and animal damage repair jobs for homeowners and commercial businesses alike. We are a team of highly trained raccoon removal experts with years of experience servicing the communities of Columbus and nearby areas. Furthermore, we hold all proper licensure and certifications to practice wildlife removal in the state of Ohio. Call (844) 544-9453 now to start the raccoon removal process immediately!