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What Is Crawl Space Restoration?

Crawl space restoration and sealing turn a moist, dirty, musty, and moldy crawl space into a clean, dry place where mold can’t develop. We have a long history of crawl space restoration. Our professionals install specialized crawl space repair products to remodel any problem crawl space into a clean, dry foundation that’s an asset rather than a liability.

Every crawl space is different, so it’s intelligent to be distrustful of an estimate that is given over the phone without the advantage of a site visit and inspection. Our Crawl Space Restoration professionals outline a customized prescription for your crawl space based on their comprehensive inspection. We use well-established patented crawl space products that have stood the test of time. We’re confident in our expertise to implement the most solid performance, features, and price in crawl space restoration. Contact Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Crawl Space Restoration Team today at (844) 544-9453.

Crawl Space Restoration Professionals serving the greater Columbus Ohio Region.
Our Crawl Space Restoration team comes across terribly designed crawl spaces in much needed repair.
Our Crawl Space Restoration team does magnificent work thus increasing the air quality of your home.

The Four-Step Process Of Crawl Space  Restoration

Learn How Our Pros Do Crawl Space Restoration
Before The Clean-Up

Before starting a crawl space restoration, it is important to ensure that no animals are present. Beyond raccoons, common species we deal with in crawl spaces are insects and rodents. If, in fact, animals are occupying your crawl space, we will safely remove them. Once the area is vacant, we will proceed to begin the clean-up process.

Start Of The Clean-Up

Firstly, we will remove all piles of waste as well as any leftover debris. In addition, we will get rid of any standing water in the area. This protects everyone involved from unnecessary harm by way of bacteria or physical hazards. Also, it prepares a clear path for us to perform the tasks following the clean-up process.t

Disinfect The Area And Odor Control

Once the area is free of debris and obstruction, we can begin sanitizing the entire space. We make sure to cover every square inch of your crawl space to guarantee that harmful bacteria are killed, and unwanted odors are eradicated on-the-spot. We use industrial-grade cleaning products and equipment to ensure your crawl space is left spotless.

Adding Vapor Barrier and Insulation 

Air leakage is always a cause for concern, especially in areas like Columbus, where the temperature fluctuates wildly. Not only can air leakage rob you of your hot or cool air, but it can also run up your A/C cost drastically. Vapor barriers and insulation act to slow moisture from evaporating and transferring into other areas of your home.

Common Problems In Ohio Crawl Spaces

Air From Your Crawl Space Can Enter Your Home!
Our Crawl Space Restoration professionals usually locate a number of problems in a badly maintained crawl space. Your crawl space needs proper cleaning and maintenance for a healthful, comfortable home.
  • Developing  fungus and mold
  • Sheltering animals and other pests
  • Pathogen carried by mice and rats
  • Standing water or sewage
  • Energy loss due to inadequate insulation
  • Outdated or damaged wiring
  • Structural collapse due to wear and tear or damage
  • Asbestos from very old insulation

Thanks To Our Customers For Fantastic Testimonials

“The best money I have spent! Having the installation of the mesh fencing installed around the base of my front deck has surely worked! The groundhog before being trapped and removed tried repeatedly to dig under it and wasn’t successful! I am so thrilled I have peace of mind that it can’t do any more damage to the ground – foundation of my home! Oh and PS – they also trapped two groundhogs too! FULL SERVICE! I also use Buckeye Solutions for standard pest control too. So professional, on time, reasonably priced – they beat those big named companies that oversell and over promise on everything! You won’t be disappointed in the service, quality and professionalism!”

“I’ll admit I was hesitant in making a call to anyone regarding the removal process for fear of being overcharged or taken advantage of; my first call was to Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, Colin answered. Once I told him my issue he started to explain the process of the assessment, trapping process and long term options; he didn’t use big words or talk fast to confuse me, he allowed me to ask questions and gave me an outline of the services covered which included setting the traps, daily checks, filling the holes and, of course, the removal of the animal. We weren’t able to meet because of my work schedule, but Colin agreed to come out, do the assessment and set the traps; I was given the option to pay over the phone and he would process the charges. When my money got a little tight, he had no problem keeping track of the remaining captures and billing me on my payday which works out perfect. I appreciate the professionalism that Colin shows, he contacts me when he catches one or has a question and I notify him when I see one in the trap! It’s always a great feeling when you think “money well spent;” I think I helped everyone in the neighborhood will all that he has caught. I would DEFINTELY use Buckeye Wildlife Solutions again (with that name, you can’t loose…Buckeye=Winner) and I would recommend Colin specifically! Thanks Colin!!!”

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