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What Is Attic Restoration?

When you have undesired wildlife in your home, business, or property, you need to trust the company you hire. You deserve to work with a team of wildlife control professionals with the background and education needed to produce no-nonsense exclusion and prevention services. When you hire Columbus Raccoon Removal, a division of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, you can rest easy knowing you’ve hired the best.

The first step to excluding wildlife is to determine how they gained access to your home in the first place. Many critters find access points beneath porches, around the foundation, and along roof eaves, allowing them to come and go as often as they please. Our crew will perform a thorough examination to identify the animal that creates your problem and ascertain how they are getting in and out. From there, we’ll take measures to seal the opening to keep the offending animal from returning, bringing an end to your headache and deterring new ones down the road. Are you ready to get started? Contact Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today at (844) 544-9453.

The Final Stage Of Attic Restoration

The Attic Restoration Pros initially examine the mess in your attic.
When doing an Attic Restoration we come across horrible situations especially when a colony of bats have taken over an attic.
The dirty part of Attic Restoration is removing all the contaminated insulation.
Before insulation is added our Attic Restoration crew disinfects all areas and removes any odors.
Before the insulation is added, our Attic Restoration Pros make your attic look and smell like new.
The last step of Attic Restoration is blowing in the new insulation.

The Four-Step Process Of Attic Restoration

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Before The Clean-Up

When your attic restoration and cleanup specialist arrives, the first thing they’ll do is survey your property. Above all, it’s important to have a complete picture of the space we’re working in. This allows us to perform at our highest capacity, cover all the areas in your attic, and guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

Start Of The Clean-Up

Once we have a good feel for the layout of your attic, the initial clean-up phase can begin. First, we will collect any debris, including damaged insulation, drywall, flooring, wiring, and leftover animal feces or urine. We use top-of-the-line equipment like industrial vacuums to help us clean up every last corner of your attic.

Disinfect The Area And Odor Control

The next thing to tackle after cleaning up debris is sanitation. Animals leave behind feces, urine, and less detectable things like pheromones, giving off unwanted odors unless properly removed. We use professional-grade equipment to sanitize all areas of your attic. We will leave your attic spotless and 100% safe to use again.

Replacing the Insulation And Ending Clean-Up

After your attic is fully cleaned, we can address issues such as replacing insulation, vents, drywall, flooring, and fixing other damaged material like soffits and fascia. Furthermore, we design custom prevention solutions for specific kinds of animals and any problem areas on your house (e.g., where your walls meet the roof).

The Health Effects Of A Contaminated Attic

Protect Your Family’s Health  Now!

The effects of a damp, moldy, or dusty living space are well-documented. These elements can cause allergies to flare up, spur or worsen existing breathing problems, and make your attic a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Furthermore, raccoons and other animals are known to harbor hazardous diseases in saliva, urine, feces, and sometimes airborne vectors.

Some of the more dangerous diseases raccoons can transmit to pets, and humans are rabies, raccoon roundworm, leptospirosis, and salmonella. These potentially deadly pathogens can build up, waiting in silence, in neglected spaces like attics and crawl spaces, which animals have come in contact with. It is important to start the attic restoration and clean-up process as soon as you notice an issue, whether animal-in-waiting or residual attic damage.

There Is No End To Our Great Testimonials

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions explained exactly what they were going to do, why and how it would be done, and how the whole process would unfold. They gave us accurate estimates of how long it would take and how disruptive it would be. They did the job promptly and efficiently and were extremely professional in every aspect.

Our attic had become infested with bats. We have an irregular roof line and there were many small gaps through which bats could enter. Two things needed to be done: (1) seal the roofline, leaving two opening through which the bats could egress but not return and (2) replace all the attic insulation to remove bat guano.”

“I was impressed at every step of the process with Buckeye Wildlife. From the initial call to the finalization of the attic work, they were personable and really willing to take their time explaining things to us and answer all of our questions. The knowledge of the critters we were dealing with was impressive – and their follow up after the project was complete was great! While I hope to never need their services again, I would re-hire them in a heartbeat.”

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