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Columbus raccoon removal of Ohio and raccoon damage in attic

Raccoons Cause Severe Damage To Columbus Ohio Properties

Raccoons will chew and pull wires, compress and contaminate insulation, tear apart your walls, ducts, or vents, and leave piles of urine and feces lying around your home and attic. Furthermore, these problems only get worse as time goes by.

If allowed, raccoons will remain in your home or attic as long as they please. In the meantime, they will trash everything they come in contact with. For the safety of you and your home, call our office at (844) 544-9453 for Columbus Ohio raccoon trapping today!

Columbus Ohio Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Trapping And Removal Demand Experienced WCO’S

When dealing with animals as destructive and hazardous as raccoons, you need a professional wildlife control operator to handle your situation. Each member of our raccoon removal team is licensed and certified to trap raccoons in the state of Ohio.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Columbus Raccoon Removal team strives to hire the most qualified Ohio WCO’s so that each job is performed with unmatched skill as well as being done in a timely manner. Call a member of our staff at (844) 544-9453 to begin your Columbus Ohio Raccoon Removal process now! 

Our Columbus Ohio Raccoon Removal Professionals Provide Numerous Services Beyond Wildlife Control Services

We are fantastic at Wildlife Trapping, Wildlife Removal, Animal Damage Repairs, Attic and Crawl Space Restoration, and Property Upkeep. But lest you forget, we provide the most reliable, effective, and eco-friendly pest extermination services in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding communities. Your health, safety, and satisfaction are our primary concerns when providing you with our wildlife control services. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Columbus Raccoon Removal team prizes doing the right thing, whether it benefits us or not, and telling the truth. Our standard of excellence in the Columbus area is our legacy.

The Buckeye Columbus Raccoon Removal Wildlife Control Company Provides All Wildlife Related Services, Including Damage Repair, Animal Prevention, And Attic Restoration

Wildlife Control

wildlife control at columbus ohio raccoon removal

Our staff performs wildlife removal services for all species in the state of Ohio. Our Raccoon Removal Columbus Ohio technicians are the most qualified, highly trained wildlife removal and exclusion service in operation.

Exclusion And Prevention

wildlife exclusion and prevention at columbus ohio raccoon removal

Before we exclude wildlife, we must determine how they gained access to your structures. We perform an inspection to identify how critters are getting in and out. From there, we secure the entry points to keep wildlife out.

Animal Damage Repairs

animal damage repairs at raccoon trapping columbus ohio

On top of raccoon, wildlife, and pest removal services, our company offers complete animal damage repair service. No matter the extent or origin, we can fix walls, vents, roofing, wiring, ductwork, and more.

Attic Restoration

attic restoration at columbus ohio raccoon removal

Beyond animal damage repair, we also perform full home and attic restorations. Often, when raccoons make their way into your attic, they leave an unfathomable mess. We restore your attic to its former, pristine state.

Crawl Space Restoration

crawl space restoration at Columbus Raccoon Removal

Similar to attic restoration, we can fully restore your affected crawl space to its original, animal-free standing. This includes services such as vapor barrier installation, removing standing water, and more.

Pest Control

pest control at Raccoon trapping columbus ohio

In addition to raccoons and other wildlife, our company handles all manners of pest control for insects, rodents, and more. All staff members are trained and licensed to perform pest control for pest species in the state of Ohio.

Our Columbus Raccoon Removal And Trapping Process

If You Ever Wonder “Where Do Raccoons Live?”, We Can Quickly Supply You With Answers.

Step 1 of raccoon trapping at columbus raccoon removal

Step 1

The first step for properly removing raccoons is to determine the ideal timing and location for setting the trap(s). Our goal is to make the process quick and smooth, maximizing the chance for safely catching the raccoons on your property.

Step 2 of raccoon trapping at columbus raccoon removal

Step 2

Once we trap the raccoon(s), we will safely remove them from your property so that they do not have the opportunity to return. While doing so, we follow all necessary, humane protocols so that the raccoons do not suffer unnecessarily.

Step 3

Finally, we can recommend habitat or structural modifications, including the installation of custom-made, permanent exclusion devices to discourage and, in some cases, prevent further raccoon activity on your property altogether.


Guaranteed, Licensed, Insured and Bonded For Columbus Raccoon Removal And Wildlife Control 

What Do You Get When You Hire Our Columbus Ohio Raccoon Trapping And Removal Services?

Consistent, outstanding Columbus, Ohio raccoon removal and first-rate customer service are what we’re known for. The people of Columbus rave about our dedication to keeping our customers informed at every step in the removal process.

We believe that it’s of the utmost importance that you feel in control of what happens in your household. Therefore, we will run you through each part of our raccoon exclusion process so that you understand what we’re doing and how it directly helps achieve the goal at hand. Simply put, there is no other service that compares to what we do at Columbus Raccoon Removal.

In addition to providing best-in-the-industry Ohio wildlife control customer service, we make sure to follow all necessary protocols for performing raccoon and other wildlife removals in Ohio. This includes obtaining any necessary licensing and certifications as well as ensuring each member of our team.

All of our employees undergo a lengthy vetting process to ensure that they are properly educated, highly-trained and possess the necessary personal traits to provide exemplary raccoon removal service to the people of Columbus. Start the raccoon removal process now by calling (844) 544-9453!

Humane Raccoon Removal

The Do’s And Don’t When Raccoons Enter
Your Property

The Do’s

Take note of anything you believe to be important. The first part of a raccoon exclusion job is similar to detective work. Our job is to find out how many raccoons there are, how they got there, and why they decided to invade your property in particular.

You know your house better than anyone. Throughout the raccoon exclusion process, we will consult with you so that you are 100% aware of what’s happening on your property. This helps not only with the removal but also for preventing future activity.

The Dont’s

DON’T engage raccoons without enlisting the help of a professional removal service such as Columbus Raccoon Removal. Raccoons are not only destructive to property but they are dangerous to humans. We’re here to help you solve your raccoon issue.

Raccoons are known to bite and can transmit any number of diseases through saliva. Furthermore, they can transmit diseases through urine and feces, so it is important to avoid any area that comes into contact with raccoons. Call (844) 544-9453 to get started!

You Can Trust What Our Customers Have to Say About Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Columbus Raccoon Removal Service

“I had an issue with a few of raccoons that were visiting my yard. I called Buckeye Wildlife and they came out to perform an inspection and trap setup. We had a catch on the second day of trapping, and the others quickly followed suit. It took about 4 days to capture the bunch. He recommended a few repairs and offered some tips on preventing more from entering my yard. After a few yard and fencing repairs I have had no further issues. I hope I never have this issue again, but if I do I’m calling BWS.”

Anthony in Powell, Ohio

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